Sony may not be the owner of exciting animations in PS5 event


The animations that we encountered in the event where Sony exhibited the design of PlayStation 5, added great color to the promotion and every new animation that we encountered increased the excitement a little more. According to a new discovery (!) Animations on the PS5 event were made by Russian graphic artist Maxim Zhestkov, not by Sony.

In Sony’s PlayStation 5 event, many points from the next generation games to the design of the console were illuminated. One of the highlights of the event was some animations that consisted of fluid balls that were shown between game trailers and as they moved towards the console’s design.

In addition to the modern vibe of the animations, the white, black and blue color scheme created the perfect scene to present the true PS5 design. However, these animations, which further increase the excitement of gamers, may not actually have been created by Sony. Animations at the event point to the work of Russian graphic artist Maxim Zhestkov.

Animations of the PS5 event are almost identical to Maxim Zhestkov’s designs

People who knew about Maxim Zhestkov’s work so far thought that when they saw the PS5 event, Sony was working with Russian graphic artist for animations. For example, in the image above, thousands of black little spheres formed the shape of the PlayStation circle, while the blue balls also provided a beautiful detail. The similarity of this animation to a work by Zhestkov called “Computations” is remarkable.

Maxim Zhestkov – Computations

Another animation shown at the PS5 event is the cubic structure in which the layers in blue, white and black color tones refer to PlayStation’s colors in an empty room with a ceiling illumination. This animation is also very similar to Zhestkov’s work “Layers”, in which he displays colored layers in a monolith in an illuminated room.

Maxim Zhestkov – Layers

Sony did not respond to requests for comments for Zhestkov, who is believed to have signed the event with his work. However, Sony is also among the customers on the About page of Zhestkov’s website. In other news, a producer from Zhestkov Studios said, “We cannot yet confirm or reject our participation in Sony’s event.”


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