Sony Made ‘Pac-Man Championship Edition 2’ Free For PlayStation 4


Sony has begun offering another game for PlayStation 4 owners for free. The campaign launched by the company through the EU PlayStation Store includes “Pac-Man Championship Edition 2”. The game offers gamers a unique Pac-Man experience.

As the Somag News team, we continue to transfer the games, which have started to be offered free of charge. We have talked about games that have been developed for computers and mobile devices and started to be offered for free. This time, Sony has started offering a game on PlayStation 4 for its users in Europe, for free.

“Pac-Man Championship Edition 2” is the game that Sony has begun to offer for free for PlayStation 4 users. The new version of the Pac-Man legend that we met years ago, released in 2016, combines the Pac-Man experience with today’s technologies. The game, which has a very different look than Pac-Man, which we are accustomed to graphically, will drag PlayStation 4 owners to unique entertainment.

The PlayStation 4 version of the Pac-Man legend, one of the most popular platform games in the world, prepared in 2016, offers different game modes to Pac-Man fans. If you have also played Pac-Man at some time in your life, if you live in Europe and have a PlayStation 4, you can have fun playing different modes of Pac-Man Championship Edition 2.

If you want to have this PlayStation 4 game, which is normally sold for $ 12.99, at no cost, then things are pretty simple. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at how to get this game for free.

What you need to do to get Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 for free
Access PlayStation Store using the internet connection of your PlayStation 4 or any device. (The game is only available for free on the EU PS Store.)

Access the store page of Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 on PlayStation Store. You can also use the link here to do this.

You will see that the section of the price of the game has changed to “Free”.

Click on the “Add to Cart” button just below.

Add the game to your PlayStation library at no cost.

After downloading the game, you can start playing Pac-Man Championship Edition 2.


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