Sony lets you see the changes in the game library for PS4


On October 19 there will be a change of depth in the library of titles of each player, with new options although without the games of previous machines.

About a month after the launch of the PS5, Sony continues to make major changes that will form the basis of the digital experience of current PS4 users and future users of the new machine. The change in the trophy system is now joined by an imminent change in the digital library system that will initially be active on October 19 on the web and on October 28 on mobile, but of which we can already see a glimpse on the new page of Sony enabled library here.

PS4 and PS5 only

The new library will allow you to filter the games you have by platform, titles played, active downloads, and PS + and PS NOW games, but it will only do so with PS4 and PS5 games. PS3, PSP or Vita users will continue to be able to access their entire digital library by entering the Store from the corresponding devices, but they will no longer be able to do so via the web as of October 19. This is not very edifying news for active users of these platforms, since although they do not lose access to their respective digital library, nor the ability to buy new titles, doing so from the website is much more convenient and faster, especially to acquire DLC, which is not very intuitive in previous iterations of Sony’s digital store.

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Be that as it may, Sony is advancing its goal of at least unifying the PS4 and PS5 libraries for the future. It has already been confirmed that PS5 will be fully compatible with the 4000 games that make up the PS4 catalog, with a few exceptions. Some of those games will even have performance improvements, thus removing doubts about the backward compatibility plans of the new machine. Of course, SIE would do well to explore ways to ensure the validity and conservation of the catalog of all its machines, authentic heritage of the video game.


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