Sony Joins Regional PlayStation Blog Sites at One Address


PlayStation Blog, where PlayStation users can access all platform news and announcements, is now accessible from a single address from anywhere in the world. Sony has combined PlayStation Blog’s regional sites in one URL.

PlayStation Blog is a site that is closely followed by players with Sony’s game console. However, Sony has shared everything on PlayStation, including PS Store discounts, PS Plus games, new releases, and new console hardware on local blog sites from different regions.

PlayStation Blog had separate sites to reach players in different regions such as Europe and North America. Although many news were the same in content, clear information could be obtained, especially when regional differences occurred in campaigns or services. Thinking that this is not a necessary distinction, Sony has gathered local PlayStation Blogs in one address.

Now there is only one address for PlayStation Blog

Users are now redirected to a central URL when they try to access their region-specific PlayStation Blog addresses. For example; When you want to access Europe-specific, you are directed directly to the site. The site appears to be based on the North American PS Blog address, and all publications in Europe are archived.

While Sony has not yet made a statement about the change, the company may be trying to eliminate confusion from different addresses. The company can offer different regional offers, especially in discounts and accessory sales. Therefore, the change made on the PlayStation Blog will not be a change for users unless all sales and offers are standardized worldwide.

It is also thought that it may have something to do with the PS5 event expected next week for Sony to redirect all PlayStation Blog traffic to a single URL. Perhaps, along with the new generation console, winds of change also appear in the company’s policies. You can access the new address of PlayStation Blog here.

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