Sony: Job vacancy indicates that Sony will make exclusive mobile games


Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is expanding its strategies in the gaming market and can now embrace the mobile device market. The latest news that confirms this movement is a listing of vacancies from PlayStation Studios, which is looking for new employees to develop mobile projects.

According to the Video Game Chronicle website, the vacancy is for the offices of San Mateo and Los Angeles, California, in a project that has a prospect of lasting between three and five years in the current phase – that is, without such close launches.


The main vacancy is for Head of Mobile, which means commanding an entire team and devising strategies in the sector, in addition to creating the company’s base in this market for future opportunities.

“You will lead expansion aspects of our game development for consoles and PCs for mobile and online services with a focus on successfully adapting the most popular PlayStation franchises for mobile,” says the text. Also according to the website, the series that most yield to the company today are Gran Turismo, God of War and Uncharted – meaning that they can be the first in line to win an Android and iOS version.


It is worth remembering that the last week was marked by rumors about changes in Sony’s strategy, which even includes a supposed remake of The Last of Us for PS5 and a sequel to the Uncharted series, focusing on the most recently successful franchises and discarding side projects from smallest expression.


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