Sony is working on a new virtual reality device


A job posting confirms that the company is working on a new VR device, but does not mention that it is a new PlayStation VR.

Sony Corporation has confirmed, through a job posting, that it is working on a new virtual reality device. The vacancy does not specify, however, that it is related to a possible new version of PS VR, the helmet compatible with PlayStation 4.

VR helmet corresponding to “a new generation”

“We are developing a new generation of virtual reality helmets,” they comment on the vacancy, of which 15 additions to the workforce are demanding, according to Upload VR. These contracted persons will be “in charge of the mechanical design of the cylinder of the lens in charge of the optical system, a light and small housing, with thermal radiation design, the development of a template to evaluate the optical systems, etc.”. It is not indicated whether or not that device would be wireless.

After the introduction of PlayStation VR on the market last 2016 for PS4 and confirming that the helmet will soon be compatible with PS5, this is the first official sign that Sony continues to work on research and development through this technology, whose main purpose is related to digital entertainment.

It should be noted, however, that the announcement is not published through the PlayStation division, but Sony Corporation, so at this time any link of the device with PS4 or PS5 is mere conjecture.

PS VR, wishes for a second generation on PS5

One of the community’s wishes for a future PS VR Version 2.0 is for it to be wireless; that is to say, that it detaches itself from the cables and is lighter, with a higher resolution screen… The first version has sold more than 5 million units sold. Its catalog includes works such as Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Marvel’s Iron-Man VR and other exclusive productions produced by the PlayStation itself.

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