Sony Is Creating New Japanese Studio Focused On AAA Games


Sony: If a piece of information that has appeared on the net recently turns out to be confirmed, we have evidence that Sony is creating a new studio in Japan focused on producing big-budget games, the famous AAA. One of the sources in question is the same one that, in June, had mentioned that Sony would buy Housemarque.

Sony apparently building brand new studio in Japan from GamingLeaksAndRumours

According to data running on the network, the idea is that this studio is able to give life to a big game, something in the size of Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid. Another important detail is that this title should not only focus on the market in the land of the Rising Sun, but also make sense for audiences on this side of the globe.

Also on the subject, it was mentioned that the team in question already has several industry veterans, with former employees of Square Enix and Konami, just to name a few examples. Another detail is that the first game has been in development since 2020, so it is very likely that something will be shown soon – that, of course, as soon as this data as a whole is officially confirmed.


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