Sony invests 200 million dollars in Epic Games


Sony Group Corporation had already invested 250 million dollars in Epic Games in July 2020, but the Japanese company announced a new financial contribution of another 200 million dollars!

As a result, Epic Games has raised more than $ 1 billion to help finance its next steps, which includes financial assistance from several other business partners. Epic Games’ equity is already valued at over $ 28 billion!

Sony remains a minority shareholder in the company and, according to its CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, the desire is that “Epic Games will continue to deliver revolutionary experiences with its cutting-edge technologies, supporting game creators. We are excited to strengthen our collaboration and bring new entertainment experiences for people around the world. ”

Not by chance, today a new skin of the heroine Aloy, from the Horizon franchise, was revealed for the success free to play Fortnite. What do you think of the proximity between these two companies? Would you like to see more PlayStation series appearing in Fortnite? Comment below!


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