Sony Introduces Smart Wristband Wena 3


Wena 3, Sony’s smart bracelet that comes with 3 different strap material options, was introduced. The smart bracelet, which comes with a curved screen, can be placed upside down and combined with traditional smart watches on the ends of the straps.

Sony, one of the largest technology companies in the world, introduced the new smart wristband Sony Wena 3. The smart bracelet, which comes with an extremely stylish design, comes with three different body options: leather, metal and silicone. The point where the smart bracelet makes a difference is that it can actually be a whole bracelet. To summarize better, a normal watch can be worn on the strap of the smart bracelet thanks to its curved screen. While the smart bracelet screen is at the bottom, you can access both a normal watch and smart bracelet technology.

Offering a curved screen in the battery and touch panel of the Wena 3 for a better fit on your wrist, Sony said that the screen uses graphite material in the cover glass and this screen has been processed by more than 20 companies. The smart bracelet, which has an impact resistance against drops of 90 cm, also comes with standard 5 ATM waterproof support.

What functions are there?

The Wena 3, Sony’s new smart bracelet, has an accelerometer and dual optical heart rate sensors. The smart bracelet, which allows users to track daily activities, measure heart rate and monitor sleep data, is supported by a unique algorithm for daily health management, according to Sony’s statement.

Offering 1 week usage on a single charge, the Sony Wena 3 comes with Alexa, Amazon’s smart voice assistant. For this, the wristband has a speaker and microphone. It is thought that people who want the technology of smart wristbands but cannot leave traditional watches will love this bracelet.

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Sony Wena 3 price

Sony’s new smart bracelet is a bit salty in terms of price. The Sony Wena 3 metal variant has a price tag of 33,000 Yen ($ 314), while the Premium Black variant costs 35,000 Yen ($ 333). On the other hand, the Leather Brown and Leather Premium Black models were priced at 30,000 Yen ($ 285) and 32,000 Yen ($ 304) respectively. The cheapest among them is the Silicone Rubber strap version. This also has a price tag of Yen 24,000 ($ 228).

The Sony Wena 3 is currently being introduced based in Japan, in addition to its high price. In other words, there is no clear information that it will be sold in our country.


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