Sony hires Arrowverse writer for new Spider-Man movie


While the CW series within DC’s Arrowverse will win another title next year, one of those responsible for the productions will now venture into a film by rival Marvel. Sony brought Marc Guggelheim to be the screenplay writer for the Spider-Man universe.

The production should be Lottery, a superhero who fights crime simultaneously with her normal life of taking care of her family. Her powers are super strength and endurance, gained after being exposed to a radioactive batch in her laboratory, when she was pregnant.

The discovery of what had been bestowed came during a natural disaster, in which he had to use them to keep his neighbors safe. The heroine acts in the Brooklyn neighborhood, with constant partnerships with Spider-Man in the comics.

Creator of series like Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, Guggelheim has already acted in other superhero films, such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Green Lantern. He also has a history with the heroine Loteria, since he came to write her comics for Marvel Comics in the past.

The motivation for a character movie would have come from the success of another Spiderman spin-off by Sony: Venom. The new feature still has no scheduled release date, but the company is scheduled to release Venom 2 and Morbius in 2021.

What are your expectations for the superhero movie in the Spider-Man universe? Share your opinion with us!


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