Sony has officially acquired the maker of Demon’s Souls!


Sony has officially announced that it has acquired the Demon’s Souls producer, which was released exclusively for PlayStation 5.


It has announced that it has officially acquired Bluepoint Games, where it delivers remakes of games such as Demon’s Souls and Shadow of the Collosus.

The company, which previously developed collection games such as Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and God of War Collection, will produce games only for the Sony PlayStation brand in the new period. According to the statement from Sony, the new game of Bluepoint Games will not be a remake, but a game designed from scratch.

Demon’s Souls is now entrusted to Bluepoint Games

Founded in 2006 by Andy O’Neil and Marco Rhrush, Bluepoint Games has been developing games for the Sony PlayStation brand for 15 years. Apart from Blast Factor, which was developed specifically for PlayStation 3 in 2006, the producer, who either ported games on different platforms for PlayStation or was entrusted with collector’s editions, will begin to develop his own games in the new period.

According to the statement made by Sony, Bluepoint Games, the producer of Demon’s Souls, has officially joined PlayStation Studio with a production staff of 70 people. Bluepoint Games president Marco Thrush stated that joining PlayStation Studios gave him and his team a great sense of self-confidence, and that they will raise the quality bar to the next level starting today. The producer company announced that they will meet the players with original ideas instead of remake and remastered productions in the new period.

Produced by Bluepoint Games, the PS5-exclusive remake of Demon’s Souls has sold 1.4 million copies so far, making it PS5’s best-selling first-party game. However, the production, which has an average of 93 in Metacritic, is listed as the best PS5 game ever together with Hades.

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