Sony gave up Xperia 10 II Plus for 5G


The Xperia 10 II, the successor of the Sony Xperia 10 released in 2019, was introduced in February. After this introduction, the question came to mind when the new model of the Xperia 10 Plus will be released. However, according to the latest news; Sony has shelved its plans for the Xperia 10 II Plus.

According to reports from China, Sony’s focus on 5G is the basis of this decision. It is said that the company prepared the Xperia 10 II Plus with a Snapdragon 720 processor and gave up the phone because this processor does not support 5G.

Sony Xperia 10 II Plus was previously seen in the documents of the Eurasian Economic Commission with model number XQ-AQ52 / 53. It can be said that it was an interesting decision on behalf of Sony to cancel the phone’s output while it was so close.

There is no concrete information yet on whether Sony will use the infrastructure of this phone on another 5G compatible device.

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