Sony Fires PlayStation Network Vice President After Being Accused Of Pedophilia


PlayStation Network: The Japanese company is aware of the situation and has proceeded to remove George Cacioppo after appearing in a pedophile hunting video. Sony has fired George Cacioppo, senior vice president of engineering at PlayStation Network, for appearing this weekend in a video posted by a group dedicated to hunting pedophiles. The complaint, which graphically makes the allegation explicit, has reached the ears of the Japanese firm, which has proceeded to the sudden dismissal of what was since 2013 part of the directive of the network infrastructure of PlayStation consoles and its store, PS Store .

The operation has been carried out by a group of pedophile “hunters” under the name People v Preds, who are engaged in conversations with adults on dating apps, such as, in this case, Grindr. The peculiarity is that in People v Preds. They are not posing as adults, but as fifteen-year-olds (proof can be found in this Google Drive document). George Cacioppo made an appointment with this person and, therefore, he was caught trying to maintain relations with a minor.

The video, which is still published on the YouTube portal, shows George Cacioppo wearing a PlayStation 5 shirt. Apparently, he was at his home waiting for the arrival of that unreal underage person with whom he had been meeting. Cacioppo appeared on the dating network under the name Jeff; that’s why he responds to that name in the video. Meanwhile, his personal LinkedIn portal has been removed.

A Sony spokesperson claims to have the situation under control

According to CNET, Sony has fired George Cacioppo as soon as they have learned of the indictment and the graphic materials provided; both written documents and video. “We are aware of the situation and the employee in question has been fired from his employment,” Sony has indicated in a statement sent by email to the aforementioned medium.

For their part, People v Preds explains to Kotaku their work methodology to identify possible pedophiles. Although they make it clear that they do not work for the police, they do provide them with evidence that may be decisive when making decisions or allegations. They always record their “hunts” so that these accusations do not fall on deaf ears.

Police in San Diego, California, have not offered any comment after what happened. Similarly, the now ex-director of PlayStation has not appeared publicly to give explanations for this event.