Sony finally showed off its PlayStation 5 interface


Interestingly, Sony was hesitant about showing the PlayStation 5 user interface. However, the company finally revealed what players will encounter when switching between games. The company has released a video that gives a comprehensive first look at the PS5’s user interface.

It can be said that the PS5’s user interface reminds the PS4 at first glance. The new Control Center provides quick access to many features, while the carousel on the main screen makes changes to 4K. Among these, there is also the help offered for the games played.

Activities will be shown in games and apps on the Control Center and home screen. Here, important milestones and “opportunities” in the games will be presented to the players in card format. Players won’t just see their own processes and tasks. PlayStation Plus subscribers will be offered guides and tips without spoilers. Players will be able to see the cards that can help them during the game in “Picture in Picture” format.

Jobs like messaging, taking screenshots and watching videos will also get a little faster with the new interface. Voice dictation feature will be available for chat. If images are shared in the messages, the person to whom the messages are sent will be warned against possible spoiler sharing.

In the Discover section of the main screen, stories from PlayStation, games and the community will be shown. However, it is worth noting that Sony will test this episode in the USA after PS5 is released.

Sony did not share much information about the PlayStation 5 version of PlayStation Store. For the time being, Sony has only shown the “Must See” episode. It can be said that the changes made in the console’s interface were mostly made to take advantage of high resolution TVs and fast SSDs.

Sony PlayStation 5 will be available on November 12th. It will not be a surprise to share new information about the console until this date.


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