Sony Finally Reveals PlayStation 5’s User Interface [Video]


Sony showed off the PlayStation 5’s user interface for the first time. Making statements about the interface displayed on YouTube, the officials say that this interface will provide players with a more interesting and more personal experience. So what kind of innovations does this interface come with?

Japan-based technology giant Sony has brought together possibly the last unknown of the upcoming game console PlayStation 5 with the players. The company, which also shared a video on YouTube simultaneously to the blog on its official website, showed how the PlayStation 5’s user interface would be. The new interface seems to have been prepared with quite remarkable features.

According to the statements made by PlayStation, the new interface comes with a “Control Center” above all else. According to officials, the center will provide instant access to almost anything that will be needed on PlayStation 5. Users will be able to access the Control Center by pressing the PlayStation logo button on the PlayStation 5’s controller, DualSense.

This is the first screen you’ll encounter when you power up the PlayStation 5.

According to the statements made, the interface of PlayStation 5 will also have a brand new section. With this section called “Events”, new game opportunities can be accessed, missed things can be viewed again, or players can easily access different levels in a game using this section. Users who can access the cards created for this section directly from the Control Center will also be able to directly access some cards using the picture-in-picture feature. So, at least for some event cards, there will be no need to leave the game.

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The post shared on PlayStation’s official website emphasizes that the entire software stack has been rebuilt. The reason for this was to offer players the fastest possible access. PlayStation says that navigating the interface, switching between games, entering online games and everything else will be very fast on PlayStation 5. According to the company, the decrease in the time to interact with the system will allow more time to be spent on the game.

Sony seems to be very hopeful about the interface created for the PlayStation 5. Because according to the statements made, the developers worked to make the players’ time valuable. In addition, with the user interface of PlayStation 5, players will be offered an experience that can make it more fun, more interesting, more personal and social. Finally, let’s note that this interface is also suitable for televisions that offer 4K resolution. PlayStation 5, which has all these features, will meet with the players in November.

Here is that video where the user interface of PlayStation 5 is shown for the first time.


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