Sony files patent that turns any object into a joystick


Despite having the hottest control of the new generation thanks to the incredible features of DualSense, Sony continues to look for new ways to entertain players with different ways to control their matches.

According to a patent registered in the United States, one of the company’s current goals is to invest in a technology capable of transforming any objects into joysticks, even those that are not electronic! In addition, we also have a potential new control for the PSVR2:

But the most impressive patent is really a technology unlike anything ever seen! In one of the recorded examples, even a banana is used as a control! This is possible after a camera records the photos of the object and then assigns different parts of it to each button.

The only catch is that you cannot use luminous objects, as this would confuse the detection and accurate recording of movements. “It is desirable that the player can use any simple object as a peripheral,” says the record.


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