Sony Files a Patent To Remove Players From Multiplayer


A Sony patent recently discovered by the SegmentNext website team hinted that the company plans to add some new features to its games’ multiplayer games, the main one being the option of being able to remove a person from a group game.

According to the records, players would have the option to vote to remove someone from a match or even “pay” to do so (no details are yet, for example, whether those with a PlayStation Plus subscription would have an additional privilege in this vote on those who did not join the service). Once removed, the person could not go back to the same round.

Another detail mentioned in the rank is the fact that a certain number of votes must be reached before expelling a player from a match, but the rank does not make it clear if this will be a default value or if it will be possible to customize it. Another detail is the fact that there is still no deadline for these additions to take effect – not least because the simple registration of a patent does not necessarily mean that it will actually come out of the paper.


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