Sony faces Corona virus issues

Sony said the Corona virus outbreak is blocking the supply chain and they are beginning to feel the negative effects of it. According to Sony’s statement Friday, the company has started to have supply chain problems due to the closure of its production facilities in China and Malaysia. He said that the unstable flow of resources from suppliers in Asia has further increased supply chain problems. Sony explains that at the moment, the Corona virus is not doing things well, while researching for possible problems.

Corona virus affects Sony’s supply chain
Both of the production facilities in Malaysia have been closed since 18 March with a government decision. It was also ordered by the British government to close its production facility in Wales until April 20. The company said that retail sales around the world were affected as well as the closure of retailers worldwide due to the Corona virus.

The announcement also states that Sony has closed some of its offices worldwide. In late January, the Japanese tech giant closed four of its production facilities in China. These facilities were later reopened on February 9 and began to restart operations gradually. However, Sony stated that Chinese supply chain problems are still continuing. “Although the supply chain problems continue, the virus is beginning to lose its effect,” Sony said. testified.

Potential risk for new products continues
Sony, which is also affected by the restrictions imposed by the isolation rules and Corona virus measures, cannot send its engineers, who should help with new product launches, to production centers in China and Southeast Asia. Considering that the sales in the smartphone market will slow down due to the Corona virus, the technology giant considers it a potential risk.

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Potential risk also concerns Sony’s cameras. For example, there may be a delay in products such as the a7S III camera, which will be released this year.



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