Sony explains how indie games can be launched


Sony, through the PlayStation brand, shared on its official blog how indie games can be published for your console. The first step is to register on the website, filling in the necessary data and starting the registration process.

Basic details about the developer studio and the project plan are requested. The latter is to describe the main points of the project, without going too far. The developer needs to briefly explain the style of what is being developed, the expected release date and what other platforms he intends to launch for. In addition, you also need to record one or two key points that you believe can help the game pass during the review.

After this description, it is necessary to accept a site term. Then, a document is released containing information about the publication for PlayStation, where it is possible to understand in depth the process of validating the project.

The publication also features a division into topics to assist studios interested in submitting a game for approval. In these topics, Sony reinforces that it does not need to know everything about the title, but what makes it different from the others. He also asks a little about the team behind the work, which he cites as important to have a greater view of what is being done.

For those who want to stand out, the document mentions that the inscription gains strength by sending a conceptual art, gameplay video, or even a prototype of the game in question.

Another point to be taken into account is the description of the project’s marketing plan. What business model does the company that develops the game fit into? DLC? Selling in-game items? This also needs to be specified to give a full understanding of the viability of the media.

Sony also comments that independent games are vital to the growth of the PlayStation and the gaming industry as a whole. She believes that this type of game brings new ideas and goes beyond the limits of what we normally see. It also reinforces that every year we see titles made on a reduced budget that stand out in the face of criticism.


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