Sony enters the drone market with Airpeak


Sony is entering the drone market with its new project named Airpeak. In the statement made by the company, it was stated that with Airpeak, the creativity of video content creators will be supported to the maximum extent possible.

Using a somewhat subtle language, this statement shows that Sony will enter into a competition with brands such as DJI and Parrot in the individual user market. Sony’s expertise in compact and full-frame mirrorless cameras makes this move logical for the company. For video content producers who are already using Sony’s equipment, a drone with the Sony brand can be seductive.

In Sony’s statement on the subject, it was pointed out that drones make workflow efficient and save energy in industrial sectors. It was stated that the Airpeak brand showed Sony’s willingness to contribute to the development and unparalleled value creation in the imaging industry, as well as its desire to develop 3R (real-time, remote, reality) technologies on the drone side.

Whether Sony is targeting the individual or corporate market is not fully understood. It is worth noting that Sony is a drone collaboration established with ZMP with the Aerosense brand on the corporate side.

Although Sony shows its claim in the drone market with Airpeak, it should not be forgotten that it is difficult to enter this market, especially on the end user side. GoPro’s frustration with Karma stands out as the most concrete indicator of this challenge. However, if there is a situation like the reflection of the USA’s tough attitude towards Chinese-based technologies on DJI, things may get a little easier for Sony.


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