Sony Eliminates X-O Key Confusion in DualSense


A new feature of the PlayStation 5’s game controller DualSense has emerged. According to reports from Japan, DualSense will eliminate 25 years of X-O button clutter. The X key will be used as the default confirmation key around the world. This will particularly affect players in Japan.

PlayStation 5, the upcoming game console of Japan-based technology giant Sony, has managed to attract the attention of players with almost all its details. In this context, not only the console, but also the game controller of the console “DualSense” impressed gamers with its impressive features. Now a new feature of this controller has surfaced.

Sony offered two different control structures on all consoles before PlayStation 5. In one of them, the “X” key was used to confirm, while players in Japan were using the “O” key to confirm. The reason for this was that the “O” symbol in Japanese culture meant “correct”. However, Sony seems to eliminate this situation on PlayStation 5.

All PlayStation 5 owners worldwide will use X to give consent

According to “Famitsu”, a Japan-based website, DualSense will also use the X key as confirmation for players in Japan. In this way, the chaos that has been going on for 25 years will be over. It is currently unknown how this will affect players in Japan, but Sony has started to introduce a certain standard for all players around the world with this step.

Sony’s decision will be especially advantageous for developers. Because developer companies will use a single key standard with this decision. Until now, the “O” key was used to approve the games that were released for PlayStations in Japan. This made it difficult for the developers. The final decision will completely eliminate this difficulty.

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