Sony doesn’t ignore buying first-party studios


In a report published on the Reuters website, Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, spoke a little about the future of the company and how the generation is shaping up for the PlayStation 5, especially after Microsoft took a more aggressive market stance and buy Bethesda.

According to Ryan, the idea is that the PS5 ecosystem will continue to grow organically, and that its best teams, such as Sony Santa Monica and Guerilla Games, will gain even more space to launch great games. More interestingly, he admits the possibility of “increasing our first party capacity with some purchases and occasional studio mergers”.

Obviously he has not yet gone into details about which developers are in the company’s sights, not least because, according to Ryan himself, not even the coronavirus pandemic managed to hinder his exclusive game lineup. “Initial concerns about its impact on the game line for 2021 and 2022 were legitimate, but I think it has already given everyone a reassurance.”

In addition, “the demand for the PS5 shown in the pre-order has been very, very considerable!” That is, even in the current state of the company, they managed to spread a good schedule of exclusive releases, and Sony does not seem to have plans to rush out to buy the first studio that knocks on your door. Is there a studio that you would like to see purchased by them? Comment below!

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