Sony disassembled the PlayStation 5 console!


A surprise video came from Sony these days, which excited the players, and the game producers released the PlayStation 5 gameplay videos of their games, shortly before its release. Sony shared the video of the new generation PlayStation 5 game console being disassembled.

Sony disassembled the PlayStation 5 console!

Shortly before the next generation game console wars begin, Microsoft and Sony are currently wrestling on the run. The stock of Xbox Series X, which was recently opened for pre-order, was sold out in a short time.

PlayStation 5 parçalarına ayrıldı

On the Sony PlayStation 5 front, which is not available for pre-order yet, PS5 hardware, which we do not know in detail, has clearly been revealed. Sony dismantled its new console.

According to the details revealed in the video shared on the official PlayStation YouTube channel, work on the new console started in 2015. Stating that they were thinking about increasing the cooling capacity before making the console quieter, Sony says that after finding this improvement, they found a solution that would enable the device to work silently.

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