Sony denies PS5 production capacity reduction claim


Sony will most likely announce the price of the PlayStation 5 at its event tonight. While there was a short time left for this event, the claim that the company had problems in the production of the PS5 came to the fore. Allegedly, Sony PS5 dropped its production forecast from 15 million to 11 million.

The reason for this decision was cited problems with the PS5’s special processor unit. However, Sony denied this claim by making a statement. The company’s statement is as follows: “We do not share the details of production. However, the claim raised by Bloomberg is unrealistic. We have not changed the production number of PlayStation 5 since large-scale production began. ”

Sony’s announcement gives hope for the company’s capacity to meet demand for the PS5 at the end of the year. The company will also release a discless version of the console, called the Digital Edition, with the PS5.

Sony PS5 will compete with Microsoft, as it has for many years. Microsoft’s next generation consoles Xbox Series X and Series S will also be available on November 10.

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