Sony Denies Increasing PS4 Production To Fill PS5 Shortage


Sony has been having trouble meeting the high demand for the PS5 and the console remains very difficult to buy from authorized resellers. But the PS4’s continued production until this year has nothing to do with it, the company told NLab.

The information came to deny a recent report by Bloomberg, which claimed that the Japanese manufacturer intended to discontinue the PS4 in 2021 yet, but would have ordered another million units of the console to be able to enter 2022 still selling video games, even if it is the model. of the past generation.

Sony, however, says the report is wrong. The company claims that it never planned to stop manufacturing the PS4 last year and that it already had in its roadmap the planning for parallel sales of the PS4 and PS5. To give more credence to its argument, the company emphasizes that it has made similar releases with past generations of its consoles as well.

The PS5, meanwhile, continues to sell out as soon as it appears in stores, which has not only generated frustration among gamers looking for a new console, but also heated up the shadow market of scalpers, who sell the video game at exorbitant prices. And, at least so far, the news is not very optimistic for improvements in video game availability in the near future.