Sony denies changes in PS5 production


The Japanese company ensures that it has not modified its distribution plan for PlayStation 5 units for this first fiscal year.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has offered an official statement to GamesIndustry to flatly deny any report related to a possible reduction in the number of PlayStation 5 consoles produced for this first fiscal year; until March 31, 2021.

“Although we have not provided details about the manufacture [of PS5], the information from Bloomberg is false. We have not changed the production of PS5 since the beginning of its mass production “, Sony adds in its official note.

Why Sony is writing this statement: About the Bloomberg article
The answer comes according to an article published by Bloomberg on Tuesday where, apparently, Sony Corporation had applied a drastic reduction in the manufacture of its new console at a rate of 4 million units due to complications in a key component, the system in chip (SoC), whose performance did not exceed 50%. With this reliability, the Japanese company would have reduced, according to the report, its distribution from 15 to 11 million PS5 units around the planet until that date.

Attached to the report of the North American newspaper is the opinion of an analyst, Masahiro Wakasugi, who gives his forecast on the possible retail price of the console: $ 449 for the model with a disc player and $ 399 for the units. without reader (PS5 All Digital).

Sony denies the accuracy of this information, calling it “false”.

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