Sony defends the importance of launching identical console


After a long wait, we finally know the price and release date of the PlayStation 5, which will arrive in Brazil on November 19, costing R $ 4,999 in the version with a disk reader, or R $ 4,499 in the version without a disk reader.

According to Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, “In terms of what we offer in hardware, what we thought for this generation was to bring certainty to players.” explained in an interview with the Games Industry website. “The certainty that, seeing the configurations of the systems, everyone would have in hand the true new generation of consoles.”

Unlike his more direct rival, Microsoft, which will bring to the market a more expensive and powerful version called Xbox Series X, and another much cheaper but also weaker version, the Xbox Series S, Jim believes that Sony’s path needed be different.

“Developers must work without limitations, and they have been telling us for years that the PS5 allows us to do just that. Likewise, they told us they were intrigued and delighted with the system’s resources. In summary, we tried to minimize the sacrifices for them in the architecture of the video game.”

What did you think of Jim Ryan’s reasoning? Do you also believe that having consoles with different specifications ends up hindering the potential of developers? Do you feel safer as a consumer with machine options with equivalent power? Leave your comments in the comments below!

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