Sony creates San Diego studio to expand known franchises


A mysterious new PlayStation studio based in San Diego is working to “expand existing franchises,” according to a veteran Sony LinkedIn profile.

Michael Mumbauer spent 13 years at PlayStation as studio head and visual arts director, staying there until November 2020. According to the veteran’s profile, he has been building a new team to work on an AAA action adventure game, which seems to be directly linked to the Uncharted franchise, although that is just speculation at the moment.

In Linkedin’s profile, the veteran detailed his new work with the San Diego team: “Based in San Diego and using its own engine technology, this team was assembled to expand existing franchises and create all new stories for the next generation of players ”.

Rumors about “existing franchises” say that PlayStation is working on a partnership with Naughty Dog to create some game from the Uncharted series. Mumbauer’s profile also says: “His most recent achievement was to have built a brand new AAA action / adventure development team for the Playstation.”

Sony has not officially mentioned the studio’s existence, and based on the information that is available, it seems plausible that the “secret” studio in San Diego is expanding the Uncharted franchise – other recent rumors also mention a possible remake of the first title. However, as with all rumors, please consider the above information as speculation.

Would you like to see a prequel, spin-off or remake of Uncharted? Which Sony IP would you like to see on the PS5? Comment with us in the comments section below!


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