Sony creates patent for AI that plays for you


Sony: A patent recently discovered by the team at the SegmentNext website revealed that Sony is planning to develop an artificial intelligence that would be able to play in the shoes of anyone.

According to the patent, the system would be able to check the player’s pattern when staying connected during gaming sessions. Based on this principle, it would be possible for the intelligence to take the player’s place to try to solve a puzzle (if this happens, the advance would be marked as a player’s progress with the help of AI), make repetitive confrontations in an RPG to level up or even resort to automatic mode in a multiplayer game for temporary absences without having to leave the game completely.

It is worth mentioning that Sony has not yet officially commented on the matter, in addition to the fact that registering an idea does not always mean that it will actually get off the ground. So, we should wait a little longer to see what’s coming.


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