Sony costs $ 499 for PS5 with disc


There is a report circulating on the internet that states that Sony is rethinking the price of the PlayStation 5 as it now knows the value of the Xbox Series S, which ended up leaking ahead of time and was confirmed shortly thereafter by $ 499. Because of this, the company would be practicing the same price for the PS5 with disk input and $ 399 for the digital media.

The PlayStation giant seems to be keeping an eye on the announcement of Microsoft consoles and, in order to maintain market and competitiveness, is thinking of matching prices. At least that’s what an anonymous source told the Gamereactor portal, claiming that the original price of the console was “considerably” more expensive than $ 499.

If the report is correct, it really means that the “premium” version of the PS5, with physical media input equals the value of the Xbox Series X for $ 499, – approximately R $ 2,700 excluding taxes and fees – while the version without a disk drive it would cost $ 100 less.

As all this information is nothing more than speculation, we cannot know if it is true. So far, only Microsoft has confirmed values ​​and the release date of its console for November 10.

In the meantime, Sony has yet to reveal prices or dates for the PlayStation 5, which could really mean it was just waiting for an official announcement from the rival company. For now, we only know what’s in the box. So we can stay tuned for news in the coming days. We can only wait.

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