Sony considered a model with lower technical specifications


Jim Ryan confesses that Sony was considering the option of launching a technically inferior console, although it was scrapped due to bad precedents.

Now that we know all the details about the next Sony console, some curiosities have also emerged from the PlayStation 5 creation process. For example, and as Jim Ryan, current president of the Japanese company, has confessed, the possibility of launching a console model with technical specifications below those of the standard model, in the style as Microsoft has done in the case of Xbox Series S.

Ryan acknowledges having “all the respect for each competitor and their philosophy”, but at the same time, he believes that this would have been a “problematic” strategy, and that this type of minor hardware has traditionally failed to be successful in the market.

“Something that can be said if you look at the history of the video game market is that creating a console with reduced specifications, and also price, is something that has not achieved good results in the past,” warns Ryan. “We have considered this option, and watched as other executives who tried it discovered how problematic it can be.”

Ryan also says that, according to Sony market research, gamers who buy consoles are interested in “using them for four, six or seven years”, and that they basically want to think that they are investing in “a product with the future assured” that will not be obsolete in a few years.

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