Sony confirms that PS5 has HDMI 2.1 cable


Several rumors have recently emerged regarding the contents of the PS5 box. Among them, there is a rumor that the HDMI cable that comes with the new PlayStation 5 would not be HDMI 2.1, a standard capable of running 8K and 4K 120 Hz. However, Sony confirmed to the German website GamePro that the cable that comes standard at box is HDMI 2.1.

There was a lot of buzz on social media recently about the possibility of the console having an HDMI 2.0 cable, something that would impact some of the PS5’s features (since the console can display 8K resolutions and have 4K 120 Hz signal, just like the competitor Xbox Series X ). Until now, only the Xbox Series X and S had official confirmations of having an HDMI 2.1 cable, but now the rumor has been denied by Sony and we have made it official that the Japanese console will also have the same accessory in the box.

Although the information on the GamePro website is in German, it is possible to translate the portal’s content to read data about the PlayStation 5’s HDMI cable.

Voxel contacted PlayStation Brazil to confirm the source information and as soon as we have a response we will update this article.

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