Sony Confirms that Original PSV Games are Incompatible with PS2


Sony has officially confirmed that PSVR2 will not be able to play games originally created for the original PlayStation VR.

In the latest release of the official PlayStation podcast at around the 29:10 mark, Hideaki Nishino, senior vice president of Platform Experience, confirms that PSVR2 will not be backward compatible with the original PSVR games. “PSVR games are incompatible with PSVR2 because PSVR2 is designed to provide a truly new generation of virtual reality,” Nishino said before explaining some noteworthy features exclusive to PSVR2, such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers found in Sense controllers.

“This means that developing games for PSVR2 requires a completely different approach than the original PSVR,” Nishino continued.

PlayStation VR2 — photos

The news seems surprising, but not really, since Sony has created an adapter that allows you to play original PSVR games on PlayStation 5. In addition, last month Yasuo Takahashi from Sony Interactive Entertainment and Kenjo Akiyama talked about the PSVR2 hardware and specifications. noting that the broad strokes should make it easier to transfer games to PSVR2 from other VR headsets (for example, the original PSVR and Valve Index).

PlayStation VR2 won’t be released until next year, and it’s been confirmed that several games are in development for the headset. Including Among Us VR and Ghostbusters VR, as well as VR versions of Resident Evil Village, No Man’s Sky and the remake of Resident Evil 4. In addition, Horizon: Call of the Mountain and the sequel Firewall: Zero Hour are in development.

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