Sony confirms the official name of its universe of superhero movies: “Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters”


The cinematic universes are in fashion, mainly because of the enormous success that Disney has been reaping for years with the MCU. Warner also has his own superhero with the DCEU and now it has been Sony who has officially confirmed the name of his: The Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel characters.

Yes, you read correctly – well, technically it has put the name in English of “Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters” -, and apparently it is a concept that the company has been using since last year. Now Sony has had to clarify it again after a tweet in which he spoke of the “Spider-Man Universe of Characters”.

The question that remains is how wide the universe is, since the tweet in question alluded to the three incarnations in real image that the wall-climber has had at Sony. And if so, cohesion is something that should not matter too much to this company …

What we can not reproach him is that they do not want everything to be associated so directly with Spider-Man. After all, ‘Venom’ was a huge commercial success – it cost $ 100 million and grossed $ 856 million – and the wall-climbing films with Tom Holland are made in collaboration with Marvel. Of course, the chosen name is quite improvable …


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