Sony Confirms It Has Sold 7.8 Million PS5 Units So Far


Sony shared on Wednesday (28) the company’s financial report for the last quarter of fiscal 2020, which officially ends on March 31, 2021.

Along with the financial information, she also shared a curious fact: the number of PlayStation 5 consoles sold since launch. According to the brand, from November last year until the end of March 2021, 7.8 million console units were sold.

In comparison, the PlayStation 4 ended the same fiscal year ago, with 5.7 million units. And the launch of the new console already surpasses even the first months of its predecessor: the PS4 sold 7 million at the end of its first counted period, in 2014.


Overall, Sony’s “gaming and network services” division grew 32% over the previous fiscal year, with revenue of $ 24.6 billion and operating profit of $ 3.17 billion.

In addition, the company is excited to invest more in the sectors: the company’s chief financial officer, Hiroki Totoki, confirmed that the brand will invest an additional $ 183 million in the coming months in internal efforts to develop games.

The fiscal year was very positive for the Japanese manufacturer in general: almost all segments showed annual growth or a slight decrease – except for the Sony Pictures division, which was greatly impacted by the covid-19 pandemic.