Sony clarifies that 3D audio will work with all headphones


The Japanese company is also working on a technology that will make it possible to take advantage of surround sound in television speakers.

Will you need the official headphones or similar ones to take advantage of the PS5’s 3D Tempest audio technology?, Some will ask. The answer comes from the hand of Sony Interactive Entertainment, which has just published a clarification on the matter on the official PlayStation blog. According to the article, all gamers will have the opportunity to experience surround sound with the headphones they use on a regular basis. However, the official PULSE 3D headset is designed to take advantage of this technology.

“On PS5, you can experience 3D audio with the headphones you already use regularly, either connected to the console by USB or through the 3.5mm connector of the DualSense wireless controller,” they explain in the blog post. They also emphasize that the best way to enjoy 3D audio on the new platform is with headphones, but the Japanese are developing a virtual surround technology for the integrated speakers of televisions. However, it will not be available from launch, so it will arrive later. “Our engineers are working hard.”

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