Sony Buys Destiny’s Bungie In A $3.6 Billion Deal


Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announced this Monday (31) that it has reached an agreement to buy the developer Bungie, of titles like Destiny, for a value of US$ 3.6 billion. at the current quote).

The deal, which still needs regulatory approval, will make Bungie “an independent subsidiary” of SIE. Upon completion of the procedures, the company will be managed by a board comprising the current CEO and President, Pete Parsons, and the current management team.

The company explained that despite continuing to be independent and publishing its games for multiplatforms, Sony’s support will be important in increasing the number of professionals, for example. Because of this, Bungie has already taken the opportunity to disclose that it is hiring people to work on Destiny 2.

In addition to the popular online game, the company is already working on a full intellectual property (IP), which so far has not received any details.