Sony Boss Doesn’t Want Average Games in The Catalog and Advocates Postponements


Sony: Perhaps adept at the saying “hurry is the enemy of perfection,” Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said in an interview that he thinks it’s better to wait for studios to develop a great title rather than rush them, because people only have to. remember the best games.

“It’s better to wait and have a great game than run and have one that’s ok or just good. Players only remember the best ones, not the oks. If it’s great, they might want a sequel and also buy it, but nobody really cares about a game that’s just ok,” Ryan stated.

However, the CEO also explained that it is necessary to think about financial considerations and the product portfolio, which leads the company to pressure the studios to deliver their products on the expected date. “But in general, we don’t want something that’s good, we want the best.”

In addition, he explained what makes him consider it an excellent title, saying that it needs to arouse players’ emotions and offer an immersive and integrated experience.

Also during the interview, he shared that Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart was the best game he played last year, being surprised by the joy he felt during the gameplay.

And when asked about upcoming Sony releases, Ryan said that Horizon Forbidden West and God of War are the most anticipated from their original studios, but that FIFA and Call of Duty are still very popular with PlayStation fans.


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