Sony Believes PS5 Will Break Annual Console Sales Record


Sony is committed to making the PS5 beat its current annual console sales record. For this, the company plans to produce and distribute, within the next year, more than 22.6 million units of the video game. However, there are a number of obstacles that still need to be overcome, such as global distribution problems for the device due to the pandemic and the lack of parts for its production.

During a shareholder conference held last Tuesday (22), Kenichi Yoshida, Sony CEO, presented the ambitious sales target. According to Yoshida, although the PS5 is still lacking in the market, the company intends to increase its production to reach the stipulated figures in 2022, when he believes the company will be able to normalize the console’s inventory problem.

To get around this problem, there are rumors that a new version of the video game would be released in 2022, with a change of internal components, such as a “semi-customized” AMD CPU, which would swap some parts that are in short supply in the market for more affordable ones.

Sony’s current annual sales record belongs to the first PlayStation, which in 1998 reached precisely the mark of 22.6 million units sold.


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