Sony backs out and will continue to allow purchases on PS Vita and PS3


Sony had already decided and communicated to PS Vita and PS3 users that the PlayStation Store would cease to function on both platforms as early as 2021. With that decision, players would not be able to make any purchases at the official digital store on the company’s consoles. from the 27th of August, something that caused several active projects to be canceled.

Except that by the way Sony did not count on the reaction of the public, who obviously did not like to know that such an important part of their consoles and the history of video games would become non-existent in a relatively short time. After some thought, the company decided to go back and announced that it will allow the store of these consoles to continue to be used normally.

According to a post on the official PlayStation blog, the initial decision was due to the challenge of offering commercial support for these older devices, after all, there was an obvious preference to focus on recent devices, such as the PS4 and PS5. Also according to the post, it was the enthusiasm of the players who still want to buy classic games on both PS Vita and PS3 that made them change their mind.

The news is really incredible, since it didn’t seem like it was possible to be reversed considering the possible costs of Sony in keeping stores that probably do not yield the same profit as before. This can also be excellent news for indie developers who were still working on games for the PS Vita, as we reported earlier.

It is only worth mentioning that the same fate will not apply to darling PSP, Sony’s most successful notebook. As it is a much older system and does not have such a vocal base, the PSN on this small console will really stop working on July 2, 2021. What did you think of this change in posture by Sony? Comment below!


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