Sony apologizes for PlayStation 5 pre orders


Sony apologized for the confusion in PlayStation 5 pre-orders that started last week. “Let’s be honest: PlayStation 5 pre orders should have been a lot smoother,” the post on PlayStation’s official Twitter account said. We really apologize for this ”expression was used.

The pre-order process of the PlayStation 5 started with authorized dealers on Wednesday, when Sony announced the release date of the console. Pre-orders, which normally started the day before scheduled, turned into chaos and some pre-orders disappeared within a minute.

Amazon has also started to warn customers that the delivery of some PlayStation 5 pre-orders may delay beyond the release day. For now, many vendors do not know how many consoles will be delivered to them by Sony in the first place.

The confusion in the pre-order process arose as Sony started pre-orders by invitation. In a statement made by Sony, it was emphasized that the pre-order process will not be started without notice. However, two hours after the company’s announcement, “Pre-orders will open on Thursday,” pre-orders started at Walmart.

It’s worth noting that the trouble with Sony PlayStation 5 pre-orders is focused on the US. In other countries, such problems are not common.

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