Sony apologizes and promises more stock for reservations


Sony is committed to meeting the very high demand for PS5 before the end of the year, although there are already channels warning that they will not be able to supply.

With the final PS5 data in hand, a multitude of players around the world have been willing to reserve their console, an amount such that everything indicates that Sony will not be able to satisfy from the same day, November 19, date of its launch . The Japanese company has apologized for the problems in this regard, in addition to promising to prepare more stock to be able to respond to this very high demand.

“Let’s be honest: the PS5 pre-orders could have been better. We really apologize for that,” they said from Sony on Twitter. “Over the next few days we will release more PS5s for pre-order, stores will give more details. More PS5s will be available until the end of the year.”

Several chains, in fact, have already warned that not only will they not be able to meet that demand, but that they are in fact already completely sold out. Some of them even opened reservations the day before at the last PlayStation 5 Showcase, where we could see more games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls Remake or the surprising announcement of Final Fantasy XVI.

Amazon warns: some users will not have it at launch

One of those chains that will have a difficult time getting their PS5 to those who have reserved it is Amazon, which according to The Verge, is notifying some of its users via email.

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“We are in contact with you regarding your PlayStation 5 preorder to let you know that you will likely not receive this item on launch day due to high demand,” said the email. “We will make every effort for you to receive the item as soon as possible after it is released.”

PlayStation 5 will go on sale on November 19, at a price of 499 euros its version with a disc reader, while the only digital model will arrive at a price of 399 euros.


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