Sony Announces Why Wave PS5 Logo Looks Like PS4 Logo


PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan explained why the PlayStation 5 logo looks so much like its predecessor. Ryan said that there are two different reasons for the similarity of the logo.

The world’s largest consumer electronics fair CES 2020, which started on January 7, hosts the world’s largest technology manufacturers. Companies are introducing their new technologies one by one, and from time to time present new details about their long-spoken technologies. As one of the technology giants participating in the CES 2020 event, Sony unveiled the PlayStation 5 logo and finalized features.

In fact, Sony has not announced anything new about the upcoming game console under CES 2020. Because the logo of the PlayStation 5 was almost the same as the PlayStation 4. Moreover, the finalized features of PlayStation 5, announced by PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan, have already been announced by Sony itself. So gamers couldn’t find what they were waiting for at Sony’s CES 2020.

After the CES 2020, Sony sat on the agenda of social media. Because the gamers kept the PlayStation 5 logo on the ball and even made a mockery. However, this should not be simplified. Because the logo shared by Sony’s Instagram account, so far has been the most admired shipment of a game company shared. Sony’s share has received more than 5 million ratings so far.

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Ryan says the PlayStation is very concerned about consistency. That’s why the company didn’t think of designing a completely different logo for the PlayStation 5, so it tried to give gamers a sense of consistency they care about. But that’s not the only reason why the logo of the PlayStation 5 looks so similar to the PlayStation 4.

According to PlayStation’s number one name, PlayStation owners need to see themselves as part of a community. Sony has made the PlayStation 5’s logo very similar to the PlayStation 4 to give the gamers the feeling. Reminding that it has more than 100 million PlayStation 4 owners, Ryan said it is a huge community and cannot be ignored.


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