Sony Announces Technology To Analyze Football Matches! Sony Announces Technology To Analyze Football Matches!


At the Sony Technology Day event, it introduced its technologies to the press, which will be offered to users in the new period.

Sony introduced some new technologies that it will make available in the new period with the Sony Technology Day event. Among the new generation technologies introduced under the name of ‘technology inspiring emotions’, EPTS and Data Visualization Technology, which will facilitate the analysis of football matches, draw attention.

Sony will make a difference with SkeleTRACK technology

The most notable announcement at Sony’s online event was SkeleTRACK, a new generation technology, also known as Electronic Performance Tracking Systems (EPTS), developed by Sony’s subsidiary Hawk-Eye Innovations. With this new generation technology, Sony can analyze the movements of football players and the soccer ball in real time.

Sony reports that this system is millimetrically accurate and analyzes even the stance of the players on the field, with zero errors. Sony Group and Hawk-Eye will contribute to the future of this technology not only for sports but also for various entertainment industries.

Other announcements made at the event

At the opening of the event, Sony stated that it will come up with a more creative vision with a solid technology foundation in the new era. Stating that Sony aims to provide services that will fill the world with emotion in the future, Toru Katsumoto stated that Sony has more innovative ideas in the field of innovation than ever before.

Real-time CG videos with Virtual Production

With the new generation technology called Virtual Production, live-action videos and computer graphics (CG) will be synthesized in real time. It is said that this technology, which is presented with Venice 2, a digital cinema camera equipped with an 8.6K image sensor, will be marketed to famous companies in the cinema industry.

OLED Micro display for VR technology

Sony’s screen to be used for virtual reality glasses in the new era was introduced. The screen, which can reach 8K resolution and track the head movements of the person wearing the VR glasses in real time, will lead the most advanced device Sony has designed for virtual reality so far. This screen is also used in Sony PlayStation VR2.

High resolution using ray-tracing

Although ray tracing technology is exciting, 4K resolution 60 FPS screen refresh rate cannot be achieved with current hardware. Although 60 FPS can be achieved in performance mode on both PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, ray tracing technology is waived. Sony aims to offer ray-tracing supported games in 4K resolution using machine learning in the new era.

Innovation in robot technology with Manipulator

With this new technology announced by Sony, robotic hands adjust the force appropriately and can hold objects without dropping them. In addition, artificial intelligence and advanced sensing technology will be used with Manpulator. With the use of this technology, robots that can perform much more precise operations than ever before will be developed.

Earth ‘MIMAMORI’ platform

With this new generation technology, which has yet to be brought to the prototype stage by Sony, natural disasters and environmental problems that may occur anywhere in the world can be detected in advance. With this technology, which has soil moisture sensors that can measure moisture content, unexpected changes on the earth can be noticed beforehand by using artificial intelligence.