Sony Announces End of MyPlayStation in Browsers


Sony: The few users of the web version of MyPlayStation must have had problems accessing the platform through browsers since the big changes made to the PlayStation store with the launch of the PS5. And now we have an official reason: the feature is being discontinued by Sony.

The image above is a screenshot of an official statement from the PlayStation team. In free translation, the first sentence already makes clear the end of the service: “As of June 28, 2021, the MyPlayStation web feature will no longer be supported”.

The platform was a way to access your profile information like trophies and friends list directly from the browser. Now, these accesses will only be available on the PS App, not counting on the PS4 and PS5 consoles, of course.

In the browser it will still be possible to see your profile and your Games library, which can be found in the dropdown menu that appears under your username and avatar.


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