Sony allocates $ 100 million budget against coronavirus


Giant technology company Sony has decided to allocate a $ 100 million budget to support the war against the coronavirus. This money will be used in 3 different areas as health, education and entertainment.

While the number of people affected by coronavirus is growing rapidly, the need for medical supplies and money is increasing. While countries are in a difficult situation for this reason, large companies also donate to help. After many well-established companies, Sony joined these companies. Sony has created a $ 100 million budget to support virus-infected people. The company stated that this fund will be used in 3 different areas;

For healthcare workers working in the front line against the virus.
To support distance learning children and distance education educators.
For those who are heavily affected by the virus in the entertainment industry.
In addition, it was stated that 10 million dollars will be distributed to the aid fund created by the World Health Organization, Doctors Without Borders, the United Nations Children’s Fund and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. He also stated that the technology giant will do their best to prevent the coronavirus from spreading and to find treatment.

“As a result of the closure of schools, the students who will represent us in the future are losing their educational opportunities, Sony will look for ways to strengthen their technology to support their educational activities, and will cooperate with the educators to implement these measures.” Promising creators, artists and all those who do it as a profession by supporting the industry are waiting for support.

The coronavirus was beginning to spread towards the end of 2019 and reached its epidemic level in March. More than 950 thousand cases have been detected so far and the number of cases continues to increase day by day.


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