Sony Airpeak Drone Challenging Wind Test


Sony Airpeak Drone appeared in early January. Launched with assertive features, the Sony Airpeak Drone once again showed how durable it is in a new video shared by the company.

Sony Airpeak Drone maintains its balance in the wind that will shake even the human. Because everything is obvious in the video below.

Sony Airpeak passes wind tests

The company conducted tests of the Sony Airpeak Drone in an artificial wind. However, the drone showed excellent resistance even at speeds of 44 mph.

This test, implemented by the company, was carried out in the JAXA wind tunnel to simulate real-world wind speed. A large fan and a pair of funnels were used in this tunnel.

As seen above, the Sony Airpeak Drone shows excellent resistance even against a strong wind. Company of this drone; He says he can fly evenly in the wind at 44 mph. Because this is clearly obvious in the video.

Wind speeds of 40 mph often destabilize even people. A person cannot stay balanced while walking in the wind at this speed or trying to stay still. However, Sony shows that the Airpeak drone is surprisingly stable despite high speed winds. The images in the video were recorded by Sony Airpeak Drone. The integrated camera installed in this drone almost never gets shaken during the drone, when looked carefully. This reveals how resistant Sony Airpeak is.

However, users are also curious about the actual usage tests of this Sony Airpeak Drone. Because in the test carried out here, the wind comes from only one direction. However, real-world winds are more challenging and have the potential to further hinder flight conditions. Therefore, Sony is expected to publish a different video that also shows actual usage tests.

Let’s see if the Japanese manufacturer will also test this Sony Airpeak Drone, which it claims to be durable, in real use tests? Let’s wait and see.


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