Sony a7S III camera will add S-Cinetone color profile


The Mirrorless Sony a7S III camera may receive an update that will be very useful for users who like to try different color profiles. A new firmware update is expected to deliver the S-Cinetone profile to the product.

This update refers to version 2.00, where users can download to know all the news that are being applied in conjunction with this feature, which in practice can represent a good upgrade for those who make video recordings.

This is because the S-Cinetone, which has been in use for some time, but has gained more prominence with the launch of the FX3 camera, allows video captures to look similar to those achieved by professional cinema cameras, as is case of the Sony Venice full frame.

With this, the color adjustment can become much simpler to perform, since this color profile can better capture skin tones and make the final configuration be developed quickly, something that makes this one of the options most loved by those who work with professional videos.

In addition to the S-Cinetone, the Sony a7S III camera is receiving the following news:

  • Preset image profile P11: S-Cinetone
  • S-Cinetone is a new video look that features a color matrix that produces highly regarded skin tones.
  • Support to set Steady Shot to Active when recording movie with S&Q Frame Rate.
  • The Active setting cannot be selected if S&Q Frame Rate is set to 120fps / 100fps or higher.
  • Improves the overall stability of the camera.


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