“Sons of the Forest” Fans Have Found a Way to Clone and Perpetuate Their Companions


“Sons of the Forest” fans have found a way to clone and perpetuate their companions.

PC Gamer reports that the user CallMeSlinky has created a mod that allows you to use the debugging console in Songs of Forest.

Then Reddit user jrm850 discovered that the mod allows you to duplicate Kelvin’s NPC companion after some javascript editing.

The debugging console allows users to use the “add character Robbie 1” command to create another Kelvin.

“Theoretically, I can put as much as I want, but if you put too much, it can cause FPS problems. I didn’t have any real problems with four or less, I worked great in a multiplayer game with other people,” jrm850 wrote in response to a comment on YouTube.

In other J.K. games, it was confirmed that Simmons will play a major role in the long-awaited Baldur’s Gate 3, the release date of which has already been confirmed.

The game was announced back in 2019, and a new trailer announced an August 2023 release date at the end of last year.

Now the developer Larian Studios has confirmed that the game will appear on August 31 on PC, Mac and PS5.

J.K. Simmons will play the role of General Keterik Torm in the game, and a new release date trailer was published along with footage of Simmons in the booth during the recording of the game.


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