Sonos and Google tension continues: Sonos sues


Sonos, a manufacturer of smart speakers and included wireless home audio products, filed a lawsuit against Google earlier this year. The justification of the case was the restriction of the competitive environment. Now Sonos is filing a new lawsuit. Sonos has filed a new lawsuit against Google for infringing on the 5-speaker speaker patent. Sonos and Google tension is growing.

Tension between Sonos and Google grows with lawsuit

Sonos filed a new lawsuit against the search giant for infringing five more patents. The patents cover technologies that form the basis of some of Sonos’ best known features, including the Trueplay tuning tool. This new case is a new phase of the legal process between Sonos and Google.

Sonos ve Google gerilimi-01

Sonos first claimed in a lawsuit against Google earlier this year that he had copied his technology and abused his influence to restrict competition.

Sonos said that not only Google, but Amazon as well, both companies violated 100 patents in total. In a new lawsuit that follows, Google is said to have violated five speaker patents, including one detailing a technology that allows wireless speakers to synchronize with each other.

In June, Google opposed Sonos, claiming that Sonos uses search, software, networking and voice processing technologies without license fees. Both sides accuse each other in the process of mutual showdowns.


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